Učajev Law has conducted the Feasibility Study on Cooperative Mutual Home Ownership in Serbia – Legal, Financial and Fiscal Implications. The mentioned Study points out to the potential of housing cooperatives for the purpose of contribution to the long-term affordability of housing in Serbia, particularly it meticulously maps the key obstacles, which need to be resolved along the way. Bearing in mind that the high price of real estate continues to grow, especially in Belgrade, in comparison to the limited purchasing power and creditworthiness of population, there is a strong need for models to address the housing needs of population with limited and lower earnings. The large difference between costs of construction and market prices of housing indicates that there is considerable scope for reducing housing prices, by introducing this type of alternative model in order to avoid speculation in rising real estate prices. The aim of the above stated Feasibility Study is to assess the current state of housing sector in Serbia and to examine possibilities for introduction of the cooperative housing model, based on cooperative mutual home ownership.